The Stratchan Carriage House - St. Simons Island, GA

Give us the Scoop!

Our most recent scoops at SSI’s newest ice cream shops included: Peach milkshake served by the fresh young smiles at St. Simons Sweets; two scoops of pistachio on a cone from Zuzu’s savored while checking out the fish catch photos at the pier’s bait shop; one scoop of chocolate covered potato chip ice cream chased down with a scoop of Guinness ice cream (MooCow), and my family’s personal favorite — Dairy Queen’s chocolate dipped cone enjoyed at their picnic table under the love oaks at the end of Mallory Street. Delicious SSI!

Do you like ice cream? Of course! Who doesn’t? St. Simons currently has 5 GREAT new ice cream joints ALL within walking distance from the house.

Visit one, or ALL of the these ice cream shops and then tell us what you think!

Moo Cow Ice Cream
535 Ocean Blvd

Yobe Frozen Yougurt
122 Mallery Street

St. Simons Sweets
229 Mallery Street

119 Mallery Street

Dairy Queen
501 Mallery Street