The Stratchan Carriage House - St. Simons Island, GA

Ro/Ro The Big Boats

The Golden Ray ship is still turned over in the St. Simons Sound. You can view this “tourist attraction” from our street and get great photos when outgoing ships blow their horns and pass the Golden Ray and the fishing pier. The VB 10,000 is scheduled to cut up and remove the ship this summer. ( Brunswick is the nation’s second busiest port for import and export Ro/Ro cargo (i.e. Roll On/Roll Off).  As a dedicated RoRo facility without container competition, the Colonel’s Island Terminal in Brunswick features three on-terminal auto processors, including International Auto Processing, Mercedes-Benz USA, and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions. The Port of Brunswick offers three modern Ro/Ro berths, served by nine steamship lines. Current annual capacity is more than 900,000 vehicles.

Shelter In Place Made Easy

My husband and I sheltered in place here for 7 weeks this spring much to the envy of our family and friends elsewhere. Truly it was easy. The weather was perfect to start my tan and splash in the pool. I read 7 books, tended to spring cleaning, and researched more fun historical facts about the Strachan family. The high speed internet and new Sonos audio kept my husband in synch with his work. Daily low tide beach walks were a must. Uncle Don’s Market was open for local lettuces and Florida tomatoes. St. Simons Seafood and City Market provided the freshest shrimp, mahi-mahi, flounder and sea trout. And take out from Mellow Mushroom in the village and Southern Soul BBQ worked very well when the chef (me) wanted a night off. Now restaurants, grocery stores, liquor stores, drug stores, small shops and bookstores are operational with smart social distancing rules. Go to ( for latest updates. Our housekeeper Susan is following the CDC and travel industry cleaning protocols.  We want you and your family to enjoy the vacation we know you need. Spring 2020

Prohibition? No problem. Maybe.

Love owning a historic house and artwork with history – 91 years ago from Washington DC Star, March 22, 1928

“Yacht Libeled in Dry Coast”

Yacht Libeled in Dry Coast

Jacksonville, Fla, March 22
The $80,000 yacht Roamer, property F.D.M. Strachan, Savannah and Brunswick, Ga shipping man, today was subject of a Federal libel action intended to forfeit it to the Government for alleged violation of internal revenue laws. Strachan was arrested last Saturday when Coast Guardsmen discovered 41 quarts of whiskey on the yacht. He was later dismissed. He was charged jointly with the yacht Captain Alfred Throder Nielsen and four colored sailors with violation of prohibition laws.

Roamer was a steam yacht built by N.G. Herreshoff in 1902. FDMS purchased the yacht in Sept. 1922. This painting of Roamer was done by Joe Selby, an African American sailor turned artist in Florida. More stories of “The Old Pirate” await you on the veranda of The Strachan Carriage House. BYOB.

Resume Normal Operations

Resume Normal Operations Sign

This antique nautical sign spoke to us when we spied it at the Antiques Show in the village over Memorial Day. I think it was because we had spent nearly a week of nearly perfect weather doing nothing much but eating, drinking, reading racy beach books, laughing with old friends, and lounging in the pool. Not even close to anything like our “normal” operation of carpools, work, and emails. Now we understand what the new “normal” will be…

‘To Do or Not To Do’ – Vacation Stress!

Do we go kayaking in the marsh? Should we check out Gogo’s latest jewelry creations at Redfern Village? What about a walk on East Beach? Or a nap on the veranda and then a quick trip to G.J. Ford’s bookstore to see if they have Island Time, the new book on the history of St. Simons Island with gorgeous photos by our friend Ben Galland? We could begin to think about dinner and the grocery store, or we could call Barbara Jeans for take out crab cakes. I can’t take this stress… guess I will jump in the pool and think about it while floating around and around.

Update for Traditions

Welcome to the Beach Sign

I hate change …… which explains why we own a historic house and we vacation in the same places. Of course, that, as Tevya would say, “is tradition!”  For many of you, our home has become a welcome tradition for your family, friends, and business associates. Yet updates are really good changes. At the Strachan Carriage House we replaced the finicky old hot tub with a new very large one; we swapped out the old patio cushions and pillows for brighter thicker ones; we replaced the worn out rose bushes with fresh herbs, and yesterday we replaced the three vintage ceiling fans on the second floor veranda with three new vintage ones. So our traditions can continue comfortably even with a few updates.

Birds of a Feather

Flying Bird

Speaking of birds, coastal Georgia has lots! Near our house we have spied ospreys in their nests, pelicans in formation just above the waves, seagulls swooping over the sparkling Sound, and (my favorite) the little piping plovers scurrying along the beach at low tide. Over 300 species of birds inhabit coastal Georgia’s shorelines, salt marshes, old rice fields, woodlands, tidal rivers, and freshwater wetlands. In the winter months we love to watch the migratory birds and waterfowl vacationing on our coast. For more info on coastal birds, go to